Boosting Performance with Advanced Stress Testing Solutions.

Welcome to our platform, where you can effortlessly conduct stress and load testing, of web applications and e-commerce, using advanced open-source technologies like JMeter, Grafana, OpenSearch, Docker and Kubernetes. Our scalable solutions ensure reliable performance under any workload, empowering you to optimize your applications for peak efficiency.


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Features and benefits

  • Scalable Stress and Load Testing: Easily scale your tests to simulate real-world scenarios and identify performance bottlenecks.
  • Pre-configured Open-Source Technologies: Save time and effort with our pre-built environment, powered by leading open-source tools.
  • Flexible Pricing: Pay only for what you use, with transparent pricing based on actual usage.

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Start today with Intense Testing in 3 easy steps


Subscribe to our AWS AMI

Discover the power of Intense Testing by subscribing to our AWS AMI. With Intense Testing´s pre-configured environment, you can jumpstart your performance testing journey with ease.


Load Your JMeter Scripts

Effortlessly load your JMeter scripts onto Intense Testing´s platform. Whether you’re testing web applications, APIs, or databases, Intense Testing provides a user-friendly interface for script management.


Run the Test and Scale

Execute your performance tests confidently on Intense Testing. With dynamic scaling, effortlessly adjust resources to meet any workload, ensuring optimal performance under all conditions. Experience seamless testing and scalability with Intense Testing.


Unlock Performance Insights with Intense Testing’s Grafana-Powered Stress Testing

Discover how Intense Testing leverages Grafana’s advanced analytics and visualization capabilities to deliver unparalleled insights and optimization opportunities for stress testing your applications. Gain real-time visibility, customize dashboards, and scale your tests effortlessly with our integrated solution. Elevate your performance testing with Intense Testing today.


Optimizing Performance Testing with Intense Testing: Dynamic JMeter Cluster Scaling Powered by Kubernetes

Discover how Intense Testing leverages Kubernetes to dynamically scale your JMeter cluster based on the number of Simultaneous Virtual Users (SVUs). With seamless integration and automated resource management, Intense Testing ensures optimal performance testing efficiency and scalability. Unlock the power of dynamic scaling with Intense Testing´s advanced Kubernetes capabilities today.

Intense Testing open source stack

Intense Testing utilizes a stack of open-source technologies including Grafana, OpenSearch, JMeter, Docker, and Kubernetes. These tools enable real-time monitoring, comprehensive performance testing, seamless containerization, and dynamic scaling, empowering users with unparalleled flexibility and efficiency.

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On-Demand QA Engineers: Elevate Your Testing with Expert Support

Engage our team of experienced QA engineers for top-notch testing solutions customized to optimize your project’s performance and quality.